Rules & Policies


We hold confidentiality in the highest regard at SJW. While it’s fine to share your experience at SJW with others, please respect the confidential nature of what is shared by other attendees. You are free to share your own words and discoveries but please not that of others or their names. Our goal is to make SJW a safe place for learning and growing; we cannot offer this without the cooperation of all.


Illegal drugs of any sort are prohibited at SJW. We do not endorse or allow any non-prescription drug use whatsoever. Please be aware that some people have prescription medication that may cause them to act in a way that you may perceive as “high.” Before any action is taken, we will investigate to determine the facts of the situation, and we will respond accordingly.


If you are not okay with having your picture taken, please let us know at registration. Do not take pictures of another attendee without their permission. Do not post pictures of anyone other than yourself to social media without their permission.


There is no smoking inside the cabin but there will be a specific area on the covered deck outside for smokers.  Do not dispose of cigarette butts on the ground.