Comments from Past Attendees

Thoughts from previous attendees to the mountain. If you would like to share your thoughts after attending, please email them to:

“2017 was my first year at SJW and was during a very trying time in my life. The opportunities the weekend offered for introspection, growth, and support, helped me build skills I’m continuing to use today. The relaxation and camaraderie are some of my favorite memories from last year. I brought a note book and a pen, a couple special to me treats to have and share (some coffee and dark chocolate), my clothes and toiletries, but I didn’t have to worry about anything else. This is an experience I will do my very best to attend every year going forward.”

The year I had the good fortune to go to SJW was only it’s second year of existence. (I think) I was still very new to kink and loved being surrounded by so many service driven people. I taught a massage as an act of service class and met many wonderful folks like She from out in Texas. She gave me hope that good Dominant folks were out there and that it was okay for me to want whatever I wanted. She encouraged me to be true to myself and that was such a gift. She is a shiny light and I am sad that our lives haven’t crossed more. If you get a chance to take her classes anywhere, do so.

There were so many other wonderful people. It was heaven on a mountain. I learned a lot and I felt at home. SJW is a don’t miss.

I first attended SJW because I was asked to teach. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I found was an amazing experience that I’ve never seen matched before.

SJW is more than just a learning event. It is a place for s-types to find guidance from others, to find answers to the hard questions within themselves, to simply relax and *be*. No matter where an s-type is in their journey, whether just beginning to find themselves, whether struggling with surrender, whether trying to submit within a long distance relationship, whether in a 24/7 live-in situation — wherever in their journey, an s-type can find so much value in their fellow s-types. I always encourage my submissive friends to attend this incredible weekend, if they are able.

Also, we sometimes have bears! 🙂

SJW is a weekend of camaraderie, learning, spiritual enlightenment, and inward growth. I participated the first three years and left the mountain each time mentally inspired and emotionally refreshed. The experience was so remarkable that I volunteered to help and eventually produced SJW for three years. Each year is different with new educational offerings and innovative activities. Submissive Journey Weekend…..always changing, just like life.

SJW is a rare experience where submissive can be surrounded by kindred spirits whose hearts speak the same “language.” When attending SJW I witnessed shared laughter and shared tears, intense discussion and sincere compassion, people coming together over good food and late night talks . . . I witnessed life long friendships being made. When is the last time you took a full weekend to truly focus on yourself? SJW is the perfect environment for looking hard at yourself, learning more about who you are and taking steps to become more of who you want to be, surrounded by people who want you to succeed and will cheer you on every step of the way.

What a great concept and time. The energy the entire weekend was purely supportive. It was such a supportive energy that even though many people were strangers, they felt safe enough to talk about some very personal stuff and there were many tears that were shed freely with no holding back. What an amazing thing that is! We spend so much time trying to not be vulnerable and here is this space we were completely comfortable being vulnerable and it was met with nothing but loving support. I could go on and on about, the slumber party atmosphere, the fantastic producers, the great presentations, the joy of eating meals with these new friends, of lounging around the living room chatting the hours away, of the surprise visit we had from a young bear, about the connections made with new people that I hope to grow in the coming years. Let me just say that I am beyond grateful that I got this chance to go to SJW. If you have wondered should you go to this event, the answer is YES, I think you should. I am blessed by my trip up the mountain.

I was on the mountain Aug 2017. That was the best experience of my life. I was in a bad space when I was driving up there and wasn’t sure if this was something I could do after having a big fallout with my Sir. The mountain was amazing and I was so happy, I couldn’t use my phone because I was focusing on myself. I remember the one class I had to take was Mags “Rebuilding Trust” since I was the one that broke the trust in the dynamic. My roommates were amazing and we had a good time. My group #teampurple was the best and I loved the open discussion we had. All of the ladies were nice and welcoming even though I was shy. I can say if you are going through something or not, this retreat is something you will want to go to. No judging and you will make a friend(s). The tears were coming down and when I left I had a breath of fresh air. The hosts are amazing and so genuine. If you are reading this and not sure about going trust me you should go. Please go and enjoy being around all s-types from all walks of life.

I was nervous the first time I went to SJW as new groups of people can be overwhelming and tough for me. I was there to teach and didn’t know what I was really getting into. Fortunately, what I got into was an amazing event with a wonderful group of folks. The openness, solidarity and genuine care for each other is a balm to the soul. It’s so rare to find spaces where we can be safely open with one another and not worry about reprisals or fear of being looked down on it seems in this day and age. SJW is one of those rare places that continues to evolve and grow more each year to encourage those who come to seek within themselves more and to build a network with other s-types. I have returned every year since my first one that I can make it to the mountain and miss it deeply when I can’t go. If you are on the fence about going due to not knowing anyone there, don’t worry you will know a whole new and great group of people before you can blink. SJW is a place where lifetime friendships are forged and you won’t regret going. I am so glad I took the leap the first time!

From the very first moment I stepped into our home on The Mountain for my first SJW I felt love, encouragement, and acceptance. I felt like I was coming home. The theme was relevant, as all of them have been. The crafts always go along with the theme and it is eye opening to read how others perceive me. Each time I step in through the doors a weight drops off of my shoulders and I know I can just turn off real life for a very short weekend. I look forward to SJW every year. It does not disappoint. You need to attend because I want to meet you.

Last year was my first SJW and wow! It was eye-opening, to say the least. Before I attended SJW, I felt alone in my fears and doubts about my submission. The classes, the support and the friendships I made were beyond my hopes for the weekend on the Mountain. After the Mountain, I’m more comfortable in my subbie-skin. What am I talking about? I’m more comfortable in my skin, period. This is definitely something I want to repeat and repeat often.

I went to my first SJW as a sub who had recently been battered physically, spiritually and mentally. I was barely functional but 2 dear friends made it happen, even picking me up at my home. I am truly grateful, it was a very healing experience and just what I needed. I was so weak, hurt and needy that every class was like a healing balm. I took it all in. The ceremony at the end left me with a lightness of being that I had not felt in a long time. At one if the SJW sessions I found the desire to try to play again. 4 beautiful women held me up in every way and gave me the strength to try. I will never forget that moment – the flogging that had always been a source of joy and sexual pleasure started that way but quickly turned into something else. While my body reacted with the familiar yummy sensations, my mind became disconnected. I felt fear for the first time and then it started chanting “I hate you, I hate You, I hate you…” At first it was at him for his stealing something so precious to me. Then it was at ME. So many people had warned me not to go, that his behavior indicated he had no boundaries and was dangerous, but I went. And when I should have left I stayed. I was the one ultimately to blame. I collapsed on to bed crying and was immediately surrounded by love, understanding and compassion. My sisters still loved me and in time I would learn to love myself and to play again.

My 2nd SJW I was stronger and eager to give back some of what had been so freely given to me. All of the classes were great, and this session had a slumber party feel for me. I even spent an evening doing medicine card readings which was a deeply satisfying experience. I am not going this year because I find identifying more as a top side switch these days. Though it was once my great Joy to be a submissive, I am just not there at this time. Who knows what the future may hold. I highly recommend this for anyone who identifies as a sub or is curious about what it means to identify as a sub.

One word….. WOW

The entire weekend was filled with meeting many many people who I never knew. I came down with two other wonderful people and had a great time traveling with these two wonderful people. Being transgender I was accepted entirely by everyone there. People were so open and shared their lives with me and others. When the day came for everyone to depart, I felt sad because I met so many wonderful people. The classes were so well done and the activities were so wonderfully planned, and the food was good (even though we all missed the butter). We adopted as our mascot a Bear who paid us a visit. A return trip is much needed. Way to go to everyone who planned this event.

2017 was my first SJW. I was very hesitant because I don’t tend to get along with women generally and I was going to be in a cabin full of them! Lol!

But I honestly had an amazing time. I did sleep through most the classes due to my body’s time clock, which I was afraid people would be mad at me for. But not one person made me feel bad about it.

I really enjoyed atmosphere that was fostered there. And I’ve kept in touch with some of the friends I made from SJW, as well 🙂

I took away a renewed sense of serenity which was much needed. And, I got to see a bear 😉 I was also given the opportunity for self reflection. And learned not to judge others so quickly.