Sailing from Fear to Fierce in 2018!

How do you sail out of the turbulence of fear into the waters of being fierce in living our lives? This year we will be exploring and shaping our resilience. This trait isn’t simply about strength as many people think. Resilience is actually very flexible and speaks to heart, malleability, adaptability, suppleness and the ability to bounce back. That’s just the tip of the treasure bounty when you look into the depths of resilience! We often look at the fortitude of others and overlook our own because it doesn’t look like that of those we admire for their endurance. There is so much that we overlook in our own power of perseverance that can be tapped into in order to help us be fabulously fierce. Let’s explore our resilience together and help each other discover the fierceness of spirit we all possess on some level!


Don’t Despair, We Are Working Hard On 2018!

We know you are all excited and anxious for the 2018 dates; we are too. We haven’t forgotten and are working hard to get dates and location set up.

As many of you know the fires earlier this year in Tennessee created cabin and scheduling issues out of our control. We got the cabin that we could at the time but it was definitely not a good fit for us. So, we are scouring locations and gathering information once again to try and find a place that suits our needs; chief among them being handicap accessible and having appropriate class space. We listened to your feedback in from the surveys and what you have told us directly and are working to make as much as possible come to fruition.

We can tell you that it looks as though we will be having SJW in the fall again in 2018. We are working to have the location and dates for you by the end of January so that you can start planning too!

We appreciate your patience with us as we go through the location changes and grow; you all are awesome in your support!

In service,
Cricket, Mags, Talina & Zilah

2017 SJW Put to Bed But Our PoTENtial Remains!


We, the producers, want to express to everyone how much gratitude we have for you all who attended SJW this year!

We know there were some bumps in the road with parking, etc. and you jumped right in to help make it work. When someone was struggling, you reached out to one another. We asked for help and you stepped up when needed; thank you. We cannot express how much you all mean to us and how we appreciate your “get ‘er done” spirits.

You all bring so much joy, determination, adventure, compassion and just all around fabulous energy to the mountain each year. The smiles on your faces, the connections you make, the unfoldment of the journey for each of you is what brings us stepping back up to the plate every time to make sure Submissive Journey Weekend is there every year.

This year we connected with our roots and acknowledged those who came before us. They lifted us up and remain in our hearts as we travel forward. We spoke so much about growth, our struggles, our loves and our poTENtial. Keep that close in your hearts, encourage it to grow and share it with others. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the ones you connected with this weekend, strengthen those networks, share your knowledge with others, keep learning, keep growing, build those bonds and love yourselves!

Come grow with us in 2018!


Your SJW Production Team,

talina, cricket, Mags & zilah

Emails Are Away!

Emails have gone out to all attendees. Check your inbox & spam folders.

If you did not get yours, please send us an email asap from the email you want your packet delivered at, to:

Make sure to add the above email to your address book so that it will not go to your spam folder.

Almost There!

Are you counting down the days yet?

We sure are! Just 20 days to go & we will be on the mountain!

We had 2 spots come open last minute. So, if you know anyone who wanted to come but didn’t apply because registration was full, tell them about it! 🙂


This year we are in a new location so read your directions & information email packet carefully (which will be emailed August 1st & 2nd) when you get it. There will be information in it that packet you need to send back to us ASAP for the cabin.


2017 SJW Registration: The Fabulous & Not So Great News

Not So Great News:

If you were waiting to put in your application, registration reached “full” this weekend with the last of the acceptances going out.

Fabulous News:

You can still apply because there’s a waiting list!

Apply here!

How does the waiting list work?

SJW applicant spots are not locked in until applicants pay and there is a time frame in which initial payment must be made to hold the spot. Also in case spots become open because someone has to cancel/has an emergency etc. The waiting list is first come, first serve.

Are You Registered for SJW 2017 Yet?

If not, get on it, we want you there on the mountain with all of us!

We have fabulous classes & presenters getting ramped up to share with you all. Have you checked out the line up yet? We are excited to be bringing you a whole host of new classes this year! Check them out here!



We are getting super excited, are you?

SJW 2017 – 10 Things About Me!

It’s hard to believe we’re heading to the mountain for our 10th anniversary of Submissive Journey Weekend (SJW)!

As always, your hosts have selected a theme designed to give us all guidance and focus as we come together to explore who we are – both separately and together. This year’s them is “10 Things About Me.” As you might imagine, this implies that each of us will be looking internally to figure out who we are – AND WHAT THAT MEANS.

  • What makes up the “me” that so many people love?
  • How can I be the best ME there is?
  • How can I figure out what that even means?

SJW has always focused on self-discovery and building a foundation for ourselves as s-types (or little letter people). This year, we’re taking it to the next level. We want you to leave the mountain knowing 10 things more deeply about yourself than when you arrived.

  • You’re pretty. What does that mean about how you interact with others?
  • You’re shy. What does that mean about how you can alter your service to your partner?
  • You’re exuberant. How does that impact how you project yourself to others?

Go beyond the surface and find out how you can discover the deeper, brighter meanings behind all these truths you to hold to be true about YOU. And if you’re able to translate that information into better service to your partners and/or communities, so much the better!

Come celebrate 10 amazing years with us, and share with us all of who you are!