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zilah is a service oriented submissive, inter-spiritual minister, meditation and ritual instructor, and mental health professional/educator. Her passions and experiences include a deep love for personal connective service and the ways in which service, transparency, and communication can be a cornerstone of spiritual practice. She has experience in butler/valet functions and likes to share a variety of concrete skills in addition to communication based tools. In recent years she has become extremely interested personal body based service and home stewardship.

zilah has been active in the public scene 11 years and has helped to run several events in the various places she has lived during that time.

autumn rain

autumn has been actively involved in the lifestyle since 2009 when she was introduced to it by her Dominant, Daragaya. Over the last ten years, the two of them have forged a strong 24/7 D/s dynamic that has adapted to many life changes. Her upbringing in the lifestyle has been one based on high protocol, service submission, and 1950s style household. She ultimately finds a great deal of peace in ritual and protocol and finds that general household managing/secretary/valet duties suit her best.

In the years she and her Sir have been together, they have been involved with both the Raleigh, NC and Austin, TX communities. Since moving to Austin five years ago, autumn has thrown herself into being as involved as possible, holding a treasurer position with GWNN as well as assisting with their yearly bash event. She currently sits as Member Services Council for SAADE, an education based group in central texas. She also attends their local Mast chapter as well as maintains membership in the Hill Country Leather Club.

Having personal and professional experience in victim advocacy, autumn strives to promote an atmosphere where people feel safe and heard.