2017 Presenters


Alli has been in the BDSM lifestyle since 2007. She served in leadership of The Red Chair from March 2009 until November 2016 as an Officer, on the Board of Directors, and as Secretary of Operations. Alli educates on numerous topics. Those dearest to her are Lifestyle Accident Recovery and Bootblacking. She believes in and follows Leather traditions which became a precursor to her love of Bootblacking and leather care. She began her Bootblacking journey in December 2007 and in 2012 set out on the public aspect of her journey. Her favorite things include getting her hands dirty while she teaches and shares knowledge with anyone desiring that knowledge, rekindling passions for the magic of Bootblacking, and helping others realize the power they have in their hands to not only heal and preserve leather, but to create amazing energy. Some of her leather care talents include taking care of exotic skins, dye or ink detail/repair, micro-repairs, and the always popular erotic boot worship. Her Master, Craig, seems to always request the erotic boot worship…



Over the past 6 years Anne has been grooming and cultivating her idea and self-expression within the concept of BDSM and power-exchange dynamics.  She believes that there should be a very deliberate Path of one’s own choosing, and then pursue that Path with faith and humility. An integrated life is paramount and all areas of her life inform her dynamic, and vice versa: Hours with a personal trainer and on the mountain bike trail (admittedly, she loves both)  prepare her for the physical demands of her dynamic; as do her Faith and continued pursuit of personal growth (she recently began studying Nonviolent Communication with the patient suggestion of her sister).
She has chosen to be a slave and has patiently journeyed to find a Master to help her on that path.  Starting in September of 2016, she entered a M/s Consideration with a sadist; Pursuing a Master/slave dynamic with a Sadist offers context for all aspects of M/s (traditional service and protocols), however it is especially the physicality of SM interactions – for her, only to be had at the hands of an experienced Sadist – that she finds most challenging and rewarding and which provides the framework for Suffering as a Service.


Cricket is a 48 year old, cisgender, slave to Ms. Franki, and girl of Daddy Kieran. Introduced to Leather and kink 10 years ago, which feels like 5 minutes ago and forever, cricket is reminded every day that there is plenty more to learn. Dedicated to education and empowerment, cricket is a lifestyle presenter on gender and sexuality, effective communication, and the use of ritual for spiritual or relationship enrichment. Having reached the lighter end of the education tunnel, cricket is looking forward to completing a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and continuing her service to the community offering internet based counseling to folks in non-traditional relationship structures.



Herb has been out and active in the lifestyle since 2002 when he joined The Group on an outing to see “Secretary”. He had been on the fringes before that and has been in and out since. In that time he been a collared submissive and engaged in a variety of forms of physical play. He has taught and staffed Submissive Journey Weekend and been the service bitch to the SELF vendor room.


Kacie Haven

Kacie Haven is a slave with 18 years’ experience, much of which is detailed in her book “Conquer Me”. She has presented on a variety of topics at many events including GLLA, PXS, BMSL, and other more local events. She has even given a couple of keynotes, and was on Dan & dawn’s podcast! She is recently released from her Master of 10 years, and eager to see where the next steps will take her on her journey.




kel (adorkelble)

kel (aka adorkelble) is a pragmatic yet hopeful first mate creating a niche for her skill set and instinctive inclinations on the right side of the slash. While she’s only been actively involved within the community for five years, kel brings an engineers brain, long-form improv training, and service heart to the table, along with a bit of irreverence, a general willingness to ask questions and a more than her share of bricks. A member of the Atlanta community, kel currently serves as one of the coordinators for the Bottoms Up! Munch and as secretary of the MAsT: Atlanta Metro.



Mags is a gender fluid sadomasochist, owned amazon slave, pony owner and so much more: what you see is what you get! She is an Atlanta, GA native who still lives there with her Master and furry kids. With 30 years involved BDSM Mags truly believes there is still more to learn each day! Mags is a passionate educator, active member of the Bottoms Up Munch (B.U.M.) committee in Atlanta and an active member of Recovery in the Lifestyle (RitL), [12 step meetings for kinky folks]. Mags is hearing impaired and sometimes will miss things you say, so please do not be offended if you are asked to repeat something or Mags seems to not have heard you.

Mags has a large conglomeration of interests from spirituality, environmental studies, homesteading, Dr. Who, sci-fi, anthropology, psychology, music, reading odd scientific studies, death and grief in modern society, cars and so much more that have shaped much of who she is and how she serves. Mags likes to say that she brings a very odd set of skills to the table for her Master and her Daddy. Fortunately, they both like her weird! Mags is very keen about education and is an autodidact, a mentor, as well as a protégé and student herself. She believes that there are always opportunities to learn and grow, no matter how long we have been around!


Riches Jodi

Riches Jodi has been active in the alternative sexual expression lifestyle since 2004 and pledged to Sergeant Major since 2005.  With his guidance she has grown ever more knowledgeable about Leather, kink, D/s and M/s lifestyles and relationships and is now tasked with sharing her knowledge whenever and wherever possible, which she finds to be a labor of love. A regular attendee of Submissive Journey Weekend, she is now also the producer of the annual Submissive Enrichment Empowerment Knowledge-share (SEEK) Retreat in Minnesota.

With travel to events and participation in various clubs and organizations either as a leader or a member she is quite busy, but in her down time Riches also enjoys in no particular order:  gardening, biking, camping, kayaking, baking, rocking or chilling out to all sorts of music, being goofy, throwing puns around, watching movies, facing down fears of public speaking and being a warm lap for her cats.  Oh yeah, and being a target for impact and intense sensation whenever possible, consensually of course.


Scarlett is a 42 year old, cisgender hetero-flexible slave. Introduced to the lifestyle two decades ago. She spent the first 10 years wondering what all the fuss was with the “public lifestyle”. After 10 years in the hearty Atlanta scene she knows the answer. She started volunteering with Sadistic Engineering which led to leading the first Little’s program for Frolicon for 3 years and a seat on the Whippersnapper’s board which she proudly retired from at the ripe age of 40.  She co-founded SUBMIT (a yearly Atlanta based s-type only 2 – day event) in 2015. While teaching has always found it’s way into her life, clearly it is facilitating the learning of others that really yanks her chain. Her current self-improvement goals include growing her self-care skills, Acceptance Therapy, Belly Dancing, Paper-Mache taxidermy and hanging with her “Producer” posse. She has embraced being single and is very busy living the most important love story of her life, learning some pyramids are meant to be climbed alone.



I’ve been actively learning and participating in the BDSM community for 7 years.  I’m single and still looking for my Dom.
I’ve been using and teaching about essential oils as part of our everyday wellness for 16 years.



talina has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, and has been owned by Master Zarius since 2004, in a 24/7 Master/slave home. Their household model is based upon Gorean principles, including strong integrity, leadership and disciplinary practices, while leaving the fantasy elements of Gor behind. It is their goal for all participants in the house to be free to express themselves in a positive manner, putting forth ideas respectfully, and for each to participate in his/her own personal growth. They push each member to achieve their highest potential, while respecting personal boundaries.

A trained facilitator, talina has traveled to many parts of the country teaching classes on emotional intelligence, accountability, and life fulfillment. She has attended the MTTA slave training program, and staffs several events each year designed for s-type folks.

Many years of experience as a Little Letter Person has taught talina a multitude of skills in how to lead by example, rather than by directive. Emotional Intelligence and Personal Quality Awareness are key principles by which talina lives her life, and encourages others to find within themselves. Always eager to help those who wish to find more fun and fulfillment in their lives, talina can be found teaching and attending many large and small BDSM lifestyle events each year.


Trinity (writergirl on FetLife) is a published author and kink educator living in Atlanta,GA. She has been involved with the lifestyle in some capacity since 1993, having been drawn primarily by the mental, d/s side of things. She identifies as polyamorous, is married, and is the s-type in a Master/slave relationship, separate from her husband. She’s taught multiple kink-related topics across the Southeast at major events, dungeons, and local groups in Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Tampa, FL, Baton Rouge, LA, as well as Alabama and North and South Carolina.
 You can find her at http://www.trinitywrites.com and you can check out her books on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Trinity/e/B00V78SD7G/


zilah is a service oriented submissive, inter-spiritual minister, and meditation/yoga instructor. Her passions and experiences include a deep love for personal connective service and the ways in which service, transparency, and communication can be a cornerstone of spiritual practice. She also has experience in butler/valet functions and likes to share a variety of concrete skills in addition to communication based tools. In recent years she has become extremely interested in green living, cooking, homesteading, and natural body care as well as traditional botanical remedies.

zilah has been active in the public scene for 8 years. For four years she acted as a co-moderator for Off The Cuff and Newbie Night in Fort Lauderdale, as well as being in service to various Vanguard Leather Events there. She currently lives in Atlanta and is pursuing graduate school for counseling. She hopes to focus on bringing compassionate care to under served populations including those of minority sexual and affectional orientations.

in themselves. Always eager to help those who wish to find more fun and fulfillment in their lives, talina can be found teaching and attending many large and small BDSM lifestyle events each year.

slave lori

slave lori has been in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship for 15 years. She started her journey with Master Doug in Seattle in 2002, after communicating online for a very long time. The path has not always been easy but has been very rewarding.  With the help of Master Doug slave lori has been braving the path of finding herself. He has taught her to value the uniqueness within her.

She thrives in the Master/slave relationship and believes that this type of relationship has made her a happier and stronger person. slave lori believe that being in a Master/slave relationship pushes both side to grow. She strongly believes in the synergy of a power exchange relationship.

lori is Bluegrass Leather Pride slave 2016 and Great Lakes slave 2016.  She has been involved with the Seattle community, the Indianapolis community, the Terre Haute Community and is now settling into the Louisville community.  She is a member of the Indianapolis MAsT chapter and Derby City MAsT. Meeting and getting to know new people is a passion of slave lori’s.