2017 Classes

10 Ways to Overcome Mount Laundry ~~ Scarlett

Laundry can be a beast of burden. Let me share with you in’s and out’s of why I find laundry to be one of my favorite blessings of love. Over the years I’ve collected tips and techniques that will make your laundry easier to manage. I can’t promise you’ll come away with my passion but you’ll have more than just detergent and fabric softener on your mind. Please bring your most challenging laundry problem child we will brainstorm our way into a solution.

Worksheet will include recipes for homemade products, emergency laundry solutions, schedules to keep you from becoming overwhelmed and tips and techniques for the whole process.


Balancing Energy with Essential Oils ~~ subcumlately

Feeling emotionally drained, lost your zip, stressed out?

I will present oils that can help with these things and send you home with a small sample to get you started.

Beating The Imposter ~~ riches

You get excited about an opportunity only to talk yourself out of taking it.  You have trouble accepting praise.  A form asks you to list your accomplishments but everything you begin to list seems fake so you procrastinate.  Does this sound familiar?  It’s not you, it’s The Impostor! That creep is holding you back from living life to its fullest.  Together in this workshop we’ll discuss how to beat The Impostor which will empower you to improve yourself and your Dominant/submissive relationship.


Boots, Leather, Sexuality ~~ alli

Oh, yes! That’s my kind of FOREPLAY!!! Have you ever sat and watched someone having their boots polished or their leathers worked and wondered what exactly was going on between those two people? Have you ever felt the energy radiating from the sensuality of an amazingly sexual bootblacking experience? Does the eroticism and the energy exchange make your cock hard or your panties wet? If so… come play with me. Let’s get dirty, learn some basic leather care, and let’s experience how amazing and sensual the art and science of bootblacking can be. When you leave you won’t want to go home alone!


D/s 101 ~~ Trinity

So now you’ve done it! You’ve gone and created a d/s dynamic with someone. Now what do you do? For the s-type, that might seem easy. You obey. But what if you don’t like what you’re being told to do? What if you think there’s a better way of doing something than what your d-type wants you to do? Aren’t s-types supposed to follow blindly? And what about all the rituals and protocols? How do you do that? If you’re just starting out, once the initial excitement of beginning a d/s dynamic wears off, d/s can seem really daunting. In this class, we’ll talk about how to figure out what sort of d/s dynamic fits well for all parties involved. We’ll discuss creating meaningful rituals and protocols that will be more than just rules. And we’ll talk about how to keep d/s going when the vanilla world encroaches, as it inevitably will. Come prepared to learn and to share your own ideas and thoughts on d/s!

Dancing with Grace ~~ Herb

Never stepping on your feet is not the true grace in life but in continuing dancing when you have.  We discuss public and private failings, how to react in the moment, how the longer to take address them compounds the issue, how to continue on when you must and repair later, how to apologize.


Don’t Fear the Sewing Machine! ~~ kacie

So you’re afraid of seeing, or just intimidated by the machine? No more! This class will, in 30 minutes, teach you how to thread and use a sewing machine with several stitches and for several purposes. Never fear it again!


Green Cleaning (Service Class) ~~ zilah

This class outlines recipes and methods for eco-friendly natural cleaning. Included in the handout and discussion: cleaning products for the home and the natural medicine cabinet. A short summary of common aromatherapy uses and the power of essential oils will easily add additional joy to any of the base recipes provided. Several samples will be provided to feel, smell, and try.

Honoring the Prime Directive: A Self-Care Wake-Up Call ~~ kel

We’ve all been tasked with “taking care of ourselves” either by contract or default. Many of us – buy our own admission – are bad at it. This class is intended to help you find your personal motivation to take care of yourself and to give you a few practical ways to move forward.


If at First You Don’t Succeed: Rebuilding Trust & Renegotiating Your Dynamic ~~ Mags

We have all made mistakes, missteps and outright screw-ups in relationships at some point. How do you come back from those? Can you? It is possible to rebuild trust in your power exchange dynamic? Can you get back to where you were or even better? Does rebuilding trust mean you must renegotiate your power exchange dynamic? You absolutely can rebuild the lost trust if both parties are willing to do the work. We will have a dynamic and interactive discussion about trust and renegotiation in this class.

We will cover the following points:

  • Fantasy vs. reality in dynamics and how it can affect trust lost
  • Apology vs Amends
  • Rebuilding Your Inner Trust
  • Rebuilding Trust in the Relationship
  • Assessing the Need for Renegotiation
  • Techniques and Tips for Renegotiation

Knife Care / Skills (in the Kitchen) ~~ talina

All of us want to produce the fancy dishes we see on TV, yet there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to learn the skills. This is your chance to learn how to select good knives and how to care for them. Select a good cutting board and add in a little practice, and you’ll be making fancy radish roses in no time!! This is a hands-on class where you can learn some very practical skills, learn how to judge knives, and get a chance to show off a little also.


Positively Powerful ~~ Mags

Have you met those people who just always seem to see the glass full? Do you simultaneously want to smack them & secretly wonder how they do it? Studies show that positive thought can have a powerful impact in your day to day & overall life. A few ways that it can help are:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Better psychological health
  • Better physical well-being
  • Greater resistance to common ailments
  • Healthy coping skills
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease

You will learn methods to practice every day to improve your positive outlook & how it can improve all areas of your life and your service!


Self-Awareness ~~ kacie

A skill that is sorely lacking in many people (and little letter people in particular), attendees can benefit from self awareness to enhance their Power Exchange relationships.


Sexuality Roundtable ~~ Your SJW Hosts

No, having sex on a round table is not what this class is about. Or maybe it is – who knows! We’re going to take about all the various types of sexuality that exist, and what that means for those of us who choose to interact with folks who don’t identify as the standard binary. This is your chance to ask questions of those with various sexual identities, and to share your sexual identities tips and tricks with others. We’re all going to be learning / sharing / growing together.


Soup Without Spoons ~~ Herb

We often discuss how to submit when you have a chronic illness that limits you physically but how do we submit to someone with those limitations.  We discuss how not to react when your Dominant is struck by a chronic illness that makes their energy level lower but still variable day today while helping them continue to meet your needs.  Spoon theory, right and wrong ways to approach lack of physical expressions of Dominance and inability to receive service, proxies and other partners, more I haven’t thought up yet.


Suffering as a Service ~~ anne

Ask any S type…or D type…what service is and you will hear a lot of traditional responses:  bootblack, dinner service, food service, tea service, community service, cigar service, etc., You have probably attended a lot of events that have talked about “service” within those traditional concepts; discussions and presentations around how to prepare for them, how to execute them, even on how to RECEIVE these traditional services.  There are classes and presentations on how to throw a whip, or a cane, or how to tie a strappado,  as a form of Service (from the Top).  Again, not a lot about RECEIVING a whip, or a cane in the context of suffering, especially as a service.
Suffering within the context of SM is a service that one must work and prepare for; just as a bootblack has their preparations, so too does the slave who offers suffering as service.   Why offer it?  What are those preparations?  What is suffering?  How do you hone this service skill?    This presentation will take you down a darker, less trodden path of service:  Suffering as Service.


Tea Time ~~ zilah

A discussion of different types of tea (white, black, green, oolong and herbal) how to choose and store tea and brewing requirements of each type. This class focuses upon the benefits of brewing tea from tea leaves rather than bags. Basic components of a typical tea service will be presented, as well as some ideas for fleshing out a simple tea service into a more formal party or an involved intimate ritual for a partner. Also includes a brief discussion of English vs Japanese tea. This class can include a taste test of two to three types of tea depending upon length and location.


To Newbie, With Love ~~ Trinity

Stepping out into the real life BDSM community can be scary and intimidating. A lot of new folks are nervous about what might be expected of them, of what they can expect. We’ve all been newbies at some point so everyone knows that feeling! When we’re new to a community—any community, really—we sometimes come in with assumptions of others or fears about how we’ll be received. Unlike most BDSM 101 type classes, this isn’t about how to explore kink. This is specifically about stepping out into the kink community and surviving! In this session, we’ll talk about some of the realities of the real life community versus stereotypes or perceived expectations and what the possibilities are in getting more involved. We’ll discuss how to keep safe, how to figure out who’s trustworthy and who’s not. If you’re new to the community or just considering stepping out, you’ll likely find this dialog helpful. Those who are not new to the community are very welcome to come, listen, learn, and add to the discussion!

Braving the Path to Submission ~~ slave lori

Have you ever heard, if you are a slave you must be a doormat? Have you ever worried you were going to lose yourself if you became a slave? I had these fears; however, my biggest fear was after finding someone to serve he would think I was just a crazy and messed up as the rest of the world thought I was. I needed badly to know that I was not crazy just different and could be loved for who I was. Master did just that and so much more. He taught me to love myself. He could see potential in me that no one else including myself could not see. I learned to burn like a wild fire and fly like a phoenix. I saw the only limits I had was the ones I placed on myself. I then started to see the same in other people. Every day people settle for less than they deserve. They only live life not experience it. I would love to share ways to tap into your potential. To show you that being in a power differential relationship does not have to hold you back, instead can give you the power to fly.