Are you the most super YOU that it’s possible to be?

Submissive Journey Weekend is the type of place where you can ask this kind of question, and begin to look for an answer inside yourself. And maybe along your journey’s way, you’ll say the exact thing someone else needed to hear so that they, too, could figure this out for themselves.

This year’s theme is all about Superheroes. No, not the kind you read about in the comics or see on the big screen. I’m talking about the type of Superheroes you see in real life, on Facebook, on FetLife, at your local slosh, at BDSM events. The type of Superhero you see when you look in the mirror.

WHAT? What do you mean you don’t see a Superhero when you look in the mirror? How is that even possible!!! Come to SJW and let us show you how we experience you. Come be around people who see the everyday superhero in everyone, the people who know you struggle and yet still appreciate the way you pitched in to help clean up after the last event. Luxuriate in a super cabin while exploring all the super-ness inside you…and those around you.

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