2019 Presenters

2019 Presenters


Cricket is a cisgender slave to Ms. Franki, and girl of Daddy Kieran. Introduced to Leather and kink 10 years ago, which feels like 5 minutes ago and forever, cricket is reminded every day that there is plenty more to learn. Dedicated to education and empowerment, cricket is a lifestyle presenter on gender and sexuality, effective communication, and the use of ritual for spiritual or relationship enrichment. Having reached the lighter end of the education tunnel, cricket is looking forward to completing a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and continuing her service to the community offering internet based counseling to folks in non-traditional relationship structures.


Chell is from the Charlotte NC area and has been active in the lifestyle since 2005, but has been kinky most of her life. She has been married to her husband Stick for over 20 years and they have been poly for over a decade of that time. Chell volunteers in her local community, usually for her home group of CAPEX.  She has taught at SJW and ran the Charlotte Poly Munch for a few years.  She gravitates towards the identity of slave in the lifestyle, when she is with a partner that inspires that, but believes relationships should flow and progress naturally, instead of being forced. She believes in the strength of submission and enjoys discussions with other s-types of what it all means for them.


Herb has been out and active in the lifestyle since 2002 when he joined The Group on an outing to see “Secretary”. He had been on the fringes before that and has been in and out since. In that time he been a collared submissive and engaged in a variety of forms of physical play. He has taught and staffed Submissive Journey Weekend and been the service bitch to the SELF vendor room.


Jouet’s been exclusively involved in authority-based dynamics for 25+ years. She is most comfortable with a deliberate inequality of status in her relationships, and finds being under someone’s thumb to be highly fulfilling. An epicurean and hedonist, Jouet believes in the shameless pursuit of pleasures and has a penchant for intense fear, sharp objects, and mindfuckery. She enjoys the psychological aspects of play, behavior modification and enslavement, and her service style is best described as: I am an invitation to pleasure and comfort. Jouet currently resides with her owner in Austin, Texas.


Mags is a gender fluid sadomasochist, owned amazon slave, pony owner and so much more: what you see is what you get! She is an Atlanta, GA native who still lives there with her Master and furry kids. With 30 years involved BDSM Mags truly believes there is still more to learn each day! Mags is a passionate educator, active member of the Bottoms Up Munch (B.U.M.) committee in Atlanta and an active member of Recovery in the Lifestyle (RitL), [12 step meetings for kinky folks]. Mags is hearing impaired and sometimes will miss things you say, so please do not be offended if you are asked to repeat something or Mags seems to not have heard you.

Mags has a large conglomeration of interests from spirituality, environmental studies, homesteading, Dr. Who, sci-fi, anthropology, psychology, music, reading odd scientific studies, death and grief in modern society, cars and so much more that have shaped much of who she is and how she serves. Mags likes to say that she brings a very odd set of skills to the table for her Master and her Daddy. Fortunately, they both like her weird! Mags is very keen about education and is an autodidact, a mentor, as well as a protégé and student herself. She believes that there are always opportunities to learn and grow, no matter how long we have been around!

slave adeena

slave adeena started her journey over… now a lady never tells her age!  slave adeena is a polyamorous, sapio and demi sexual with a love for authority exchange relationships.  The calling through her leather path grew her passion for protocol and rituals. slave adeenas’ service has taken many forms through the years.  slave adeena understands the value of a good listening ear, warm smile and hug and is always willing to give these to those that consent.

slave adeena has served as the 2017 International Person of Leather and the 2015 – 2016 Heartland Person of Leather.   She is a full member of Indiana Leather Club, associate member of Titans of the Midwest and supporting member of Blue Max CC St. Louis. She has presented and judged at various BDSM clubs and conventions throughout the United States and Canada.  she was a keynote speaker in Canada. slave adeena continues to grow with each encounter and is always looking for ways to cross lines and build communities.

his girl friday

Referred to by most as just “friday”. Friday has been involved in the Bdsm community since 2009, exploring many different paths. She identifies as a slave, and feels that connection continues to grow each year with more education and experience. For the past 9 years Friday has been hosting a fun activity “Kinky Networking” at various events and conferences.  The intent is to help attendees break the ice and make friends. Friday was a co-organizer with MAsT Greensboro for over two years. She also continues to enjoy taking part in MAsT Raleigh and MAsT Greensboro. In 2013 she started a group, Submissive Safe Haven. The group focuses on providing support and education to all s types. The group hosts quarterly submissive only sleepovers and a yearly weekend event.  


talina has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, and has been owned by Master Zarius since 2004, in a 24/7 Master/slave home. Their household model is based upon Gorean principles, including strong integrity, leadership and disciplinary practices, while leaving the fantasy elements of Gor behind. It is their goal for all participants in the house to be free to express themselves in a positive manner, putting forth ideas respectfully, and for each to participate in his/her own personal growth. They push each member to achieve their highest potential, while respecting personal boundaries.

A trained facilitator, talina has traveled to many parts of the country teaching classes on emotional intelligence, accountability, and life fulfillment. She has attended the MTTA slave training program, and staffs several events each year designed for s-type folks.

Many years of experience as a Little Letter Person has taught talina a multitude of skills in how to lead by example, rather than by directive. Emotional Intelligence and Personal Quality Awareness are key principles by which talina lives her life, and encourages others to find within themselves. Always eager to help those who wish to find more fun and fulfillment in their lives, talina can be found teaching and attending many large and small BDSM lifestyle events each year.


zilah is a service oriented submissive, inter-spiritual minister, and meditation/yoga instructor. Her passions and experiences include a deep love for personal connective service and the ways in which service, transparency, and communication can be a cornerstone of spiritual practice. She also has experience in butler/valet functions and likes to share a variety of concrete skills in addition to communication based tools. In recent years she has become extremely interested in green living, cooking, homesteading, and natural body care as well as traditional botanical remedies.

zilah has been active in the public scene for 10 years. For four years she acted as a co-moderator for Off The Cuff and Newbie Night in Fort Lauderdale, as well as being in service to various Vanguard Leather Events there. She currently lives in Atlanta and is pursuing graduate school for counseling. She hopes to focus on bringing compassionate care to under served populations including those of minority sexual and affectional orientations.

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