2018 Presenters


Alex (or Gayla depending on when and where you met) is a gender queer, poly, switch who became active in the BDSM community in 2001 after a number of years in  more private settings. Together with the Owner ( Sir Nicholas )for the last 11+ years,  they have presented &/or volunteered, emceed & judged at clubs and events throughout AL, GA, most of the rest of the south east and beyond. Alex currently helps coordinate the volunteers for Frolicon & continues to find joy in it. Alex’s boy, Frankie, has been in service for over 8 years and when not balancing two partners, two kids, a full time job and random other things, Alex is a list maker, craft addict, dances with the Firefly Nights Belly Dance Troupe, teaches Body Inclusive yoga  and considers color coded spreadsheets a fetish. Besides the ‘nilla stuff, Alex enjoys rough body play, service in all it’s forms, & mind fucks from either side of the equation.



Chell is from the Charlotte NC area and has been active in the lifestyle since 2005, but has been kinky most of her life. She has been married to her husband Stick for over 20 years and they have been poly for over a decade of that time. Chell volunteers in her local community, usually for her home group of CAPEX.  She has taught at SJW and ran the Charlotte Poly Munch for a few years.  She gravitates towards the identity of slave in the lifestyle, when she is with a partner that inspires that, but believes relationships should flow and progress naturally, instead of being forced. She believes in the strength of submission and enjoys discussions with other s-types of what it all means for them.




Crys, aka Crystalia, is a bisexual gender-fluid Leather person who calls the Atlanta community home. S/he began studying eroticized leather care shortly after finding the BDSM community in 2010 and has been publicly manning the stands since 2015.

S/he is an adventurer and truth seeker with a service heart. Traveling the country and attending conferences to provide service for the Leather community grounds them. Spending time with Leather folk, their tribe, and chosen family feeds their soul.

S/he is on a path of recovery; focusing on self-growth and awareness. Their interests include relationship dynamics and development, spiritual connection, and advancement of skills. S/he flags black/purple on the right; gray/red in the middle.



mycalyne lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her Master (SirThomas205) of 14 years. She identifies as a 24/7 slave, bootblack, and Leather woman. Her home dungeon is The Red Chair and currently serves as co-chair of the Submissive Roundtable, a Counsel of Tribes certified DM and is active in the ambassador program to welcome new members.  She is the founder of NEWK (New Experiences With Kink), a local group focusing on giving people who have been in the kinky community for 5 years or less a safe place to learn and get their questions answered without feeling like a newbie.  She also is a founding member of Girl Power, a group that empowered women on either side of the slash, and CABLE (Central Alabama Birmingham Leather Enthusiasts) where she serves as the unofficial treasurer.



slave sheri

slave sheri resides in Lenoir, North Carolina and has been in the Leather/BDSM community for several years. She is honored to be the collared slave of Master Blue and is a member of his leather household, La Cosa Nostra. slave sheri spends her time traveling to visit various leather/bdsm groups, events, and leather club bar nights across North Carolina, the South East, and various other parts of the Country. She is a full patch member, current Treasurer and Road Captain for the Appalachian Women of Leather (AWOL), Co-Director of MAsT Lenoir, Co-Producer of Master slave Reflections and the current Client Services Director for the Leather Heart Foundation. She served on the board as Public Relations Chair for SouthEast LeatherFest for 3 years. She has served as the Volunteer Coordinator and Vendor Coordinator assistant for the Leather History Conference. Outside the leather/bdsm community, slave sheri serves as a Guardian Ad Litem, volunteers for a local LGBTQ youth group and a women’s shelter. slave sheri is passionate about volunteering and education. You can usually find her helping out wherever she can during an event.



Trinity (writergirl on FetLife) is a published author and kink educator living in Atlanta,GA. She has been involved with the lifestyle in some capacity since 1993, having been drawn primarily by the mental, d/s side of things. She identifies as polyamorous, is married, and is the s-type in a Master/slave relationship, separate from her husband. She’s taught multiple kink-related topics across the Southeast at major events, dungeons, and local groups in Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Tampa, FL, Baton Rouge, LA, as well as Alabama and North and South Carolina.
 You can find her at http://www.trinitywrites.com and you can check out her books on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Trinity/e/B00V78SD7G/


zilah is a service oriented submissive, interspiritual minister, and mental health professional. zilah’s passions and experiences include a deep love for personal connective service and the ways in which service, transparency, and communication can be a cornerstone of spiritual practice. She also has experience in butler/valet functions and likes to share a variety of concrete skills in addition to communication based tools.

zilah has been active in the public scene for 9 years. For three years she acted as a co-moderator for Off The Cuff and Newbie Night in Fort Lauderdale, as well as being in service to various Vanguard Leather Events there.